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Registration for the 2021 Mid America Army Birthday Ball will open April 1st.


​​​​Marjorie Eastman, author of Frontline Generation,will be the guest speaker. She is involved with charities that and support girls, women, and veterans. To view her full bio you can click here to view her bio. 

Our Sponsors

Due to COVID-19 the Army Ball for 2020 been CANCELLED! The date for 2021 is 4 June. Please check back later for more details.

Our Guest speaker

Let us tell you who makes the 2021 Army Ball possible through their generous support.

Learn about the Missouri Athletic Club, St Louis MO, reserve a room, and get directions. 

Marjorie K. Eastman


​Frontline Generation

 ​​​​​Join us as we celebrate the 246th Birthday of the United States Army!