​We have a SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER for the United States Army 244th Birthday ball!

The Scott Army Booster Club is so pleased to have the chance to present to the audience of the United States Army 244th Birthday Ball a special guest speaker.

There is not another person who could be speaking at this 244th Birthday Celebration more qualified.  He has been a major proponent of the United States Army for more than thirty illustrious years, and he is a true stand out in the Army, as well as in the United States Armed Forces.  He has a great understanding of the Army's history and it's future.  In his present role, he has contributed to the Army's remarkable vision of the future.  He has a great appreciation of and understands by modeling what it takes to truly embody this year's theme, "Call to serve".  

Besides that, He has held impressive positions and done impressive things for the Army and our society as a whole.  Finally, he is a fascinating person and we are all in for a treat at this year's 244th Army Birthday Ball.